The city helps

Purpose of the program:

Improving the socio-educational situation of socially vulnerable families in Tîrgu Mureș with a special focus on children, single-parent families, the sick and the elderly. 


What are we doing ?

Currently, the Divers Association ensures through volunteering and with the help of donations: 

- remedial education and a daily snack for 15 children from socially vulnerable families and occasionally for another 10

- at least once a week a hot meal for 70 children , the sick and the elderly who live in social housing and barracks;

- social counseling for 25 families

- weekly 100 l drinking water for 11 families who do not have access to water

- medicines and facilitating access to free medical services for 25 families

- humanitarian aid in non-perishable food, clothes, shoes for over 50 families 



  • 3 teenagers reintegrated into school who will graduate 4 classes this year.

  • 100% dropout prevention and 98% repetition prevention in children who attend our remedial education program

What do we need?

- non-perishable foods, but also potatoes, onions, carrots, fruits, vitamins

- notebooks and school supplies

- hygiene products (soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, laundry detergent, absorbents, diapers)

- children's shoes and clothes

- small recurring donations for current expenses

- sweets, toys, books


How can you help?

By donating the necessary or getting donations/sponsorships from acquaintances/firms.

Through volunteering in the children's socio-educational program where ideally 2 children would learn with a volunteer.

We are waiting for donations at the headquarters of the Divers Association: Str. Avram Iancu No. 29 in Tîrgu Mureș daily between 10.00 and 13.00, or after prior arrangement we travel for donations.

Further information on 0265-311727, call anytime, if we can't answer we will call you.

Future plans: 

  • Day center functional all day, currently we can only provide a 3-hour program daily through volunteering.

  • To be able to provide sports, cultural and creative activities, respectively interactions with socially more fortunate children to open new horizons for children

  • To be able to respond to all requests from needy families in Tg Mureș, we have a waiting list of over 200 children.